We know what kinds of features and general style we want. How does this get turned into a plan?

We meet with our clients several times throughout the planning process to insure that all aspects of design have been thoroughly considered. We educate our clients on the building process and their options, providing you with advice and direction regarding any potential design conflicts based on our experience. We share detailed information so you fully understand every design feature and know what to expect each step of the way. We use written communications and detailed spreadsheets to document and clarify decisions on your project.

How long will it take and how much will it cost?

Every home-building project is different when it comes to duration and costs. There are a lot of variables in size, lot preparation, features and the time it takes to plan and build a home. Goldwood Construction believes that time spent with customers to plan their home is essential to ensuring there are no disappointing surprises. Every aspect of the home is accounted for – there are no hidden costs or extras. And you can be assured that we take our commitment delivering your home on schedule very seriously.

How do we work together during the construction phase and what if we make a change in the middle of the project?

Aside from regular planning and updates and meetings during the project, … Although rigorous planning usually uncovers all elements of design and technical issues, sometimes ideas occur or a change in a product or feature is desired after construction is started. The resulting change may or may not require additional costs, but in all cases you and we will agree on a documented plan of action so there are no miscues or surprises. Because of the high degree of collaboration changes can be identified early enough to avoid major impacts to the schedule or budget.

How do you handle problems?

As in any complex building project, unexpected things can happen. Most issues never escalate into problems. We have a keen sense of detail and a dedication to follow-through on action items and issues that even the most discriminating customers have come to trust. When a house is completed, we perform with our clients a detailed walk-through to identify any finishing touches. The items on this “punch list” are scheduled and completed to coordinate with your move-in and with your schedule in mind.

What is Your Warranty?

We know that our future success depends on satisfied customers, and will not hesitate to respond to any concerns after your home is built. While we provide a standard one-year guarantee on workmanship, we will be with you long after to answer any of your questions or concerns.