• For us, Commitment means Strong Relationships

    Homes facilitate the building of strong relationships and community. But the relationship building begins far before we break ground. We are committed to developing an excellent rapport with our clients based on an open line of communication and up-to-date information throughout the building process.

  • For us, Commitment means workmanship

    Building a home is an investment of time, money, passion and energy. Goldwood Construction commands a high level of performance. We are committed to a code of performance standards that puts a high priority on beautifully crafted homes. Know that you are in good hands.

  • For us, Commitment is Strategic Planning

    Establishing an effective plan of action is part of our business. Our commitment is to create a bold strategy for mitigating potential pitfalls and simultaneously add value to your project. With effective planning and project management we insure orderly and well-run jobsites.

  • For us, Commitment is Reliability

    We are steadfast in our commitment to be with you from the early stages of conception through the final stages of construction. We will be there with you for years to come to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Our goal is simple: Let us help build you a home full of beauty and meaning.


New Construction

This is a feature that we offer in which we work with each person to develop a vision of their dream home. We then build a plan and legitimize the design through our engineering suite. Once a formal building plan is complete, we take care of every step of the construction of the home, from excavation, site prep, and framing all the way to roofing!


The process of remaking a house into a home through the remodel can be small and simple or extravagant! We offer expertise in redesigning & construction of home makeovers--from paint to beautification to building structure changes.


expanding the home by creating new space. We can add whole rooms, lofts, decking & lanais. This process adds functionality and value to almost any home!

Finish Work

articulating the homeowner's final vision with craftsmanship. Goldwood can be utilized for the finishing touches on a build where detail is the focus.

What Client’s Say

  • "My General Contractor bailed on me and I got a hold of Goldwood Construction through my network. They came in as the "clean up" crew for the mess that was left. I regret not having them in the beginning, such experts in the field... I recommend Goldwood, just have them do the whole project!"

    Finish Work Testimonial,
  • "I heard about Emanuel and his work through some friends that had work done and they said great things about him. So, I met him and gave him a chance with one of my contracts and I am very pleased that I did! He does excellent business because he knows this place is a community--I can rely on him because of that!"

    Community Testimonial,
  • "Emanuel earned my contract with his focus on our connection. It took a little while for us to develop a relationship, all the while I was getting quotes from the field of contractors. But, I knew he would stay committed to my standard of work and I trusted him because of our relationship. All of the contractors will say they can do the work, but you find out who you can trust once you get to know them and have a relationship with them. Emanuel is great!"

    Relations Testimonial,
  • "When I brought Goldwood into my home I asked if we could do a project-to-project basis. Emanuel & crew did such articulate work that we kept adding projects! I am extremely pleased with all of the work done and the "production" pace that was held throughout."

    Finish Work Testimonial,
  • "I added a lanai to my home. It is older and it needed a new face and Emanuel did a great job! The project did not have very many elements but I trusted him and he made the home look fresh and new. This is why he gets so much work!"

    Remodel Testimonial,
  • "Emanuel is a craftsman! We have built homes before and he was by far the best General we have ever had. The project changed along the way, as many do and he was patient with our needs and executed them beyond our expectation! We certainly refer him to anyone thinking about building a new home. Thank you Emanuel!"

    New Construction Testimonial,